A Consultancy - Expertise - Implementation Company ARFNLabs, IS consultancy, expertise, implementation
ARFNLabs was founded in January 2007.
Founded and directed by Sylvain Loustaud in order to provide a tailor-made response to a necessarily unique requirement, the Company offers an alternative to structures set up to produce conformity of method, people and solutions.
The "atypical", "complex" and "unusual" are the type of projects addressed by ARFNLabs, whether for large accounts or for SME/SMI companies.
Sylvain Loustaud, a manager who reinvents IS logic and turns it into poetry while personifying it.
Unfailingly other-oriented, he capitalised upon 13 years of professional experience before making the choice to create his own company, and to apply
his expertise as one of the major players in the market.
This former senior Microsoft Consultant, winner of the 2006, Great People, Great Performance Award, has unceasingly aimed for excellence and quality achievement – with equal emphasis on customer service and on the successful development of IS projects.
Sylvain Loustaud is 52 years old. He is married, with one child, and lives in Burdundy.
He immerses himself in literature and is a keen reader of Dostoevsky, Steinbeck and Balzac, is a creative photographer and a player
of games of strategy, especially chess, and has no fear of overturning his rational thought by writing poetry.
Depuis mon embargo, je traîne, derrière mes briques,
Un masque en bandoulière, une âme ésotérique...