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Our success

Integration of iPhone into the business environment (2009)
Goal : to offer Total's management the chance to use iPhone professionally, within the technically restricted context of the Group.
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Migration of workstations to a shared base (2008/09)
Goal : to standardise and rationalise the workstations into a single platform, integrating the most recent technologies and security regulations of the Group.
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Security of access to the workstation within the Group, within the Smart Pass framework (2004/06)
Goal : to strengthen validation of access to the Company's computers, through the comprehensive use of multi-factor and multipurpose authentication integrated into the Group's staff badge. Raising the level of security through the automatic, random generation of authentication secrets.
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Mobile access to the in-house network with Kit Nomade (2004)
Goal : to provide each member of staff using a mobile phone with secure access to the Group's network, from any location, and using any connection protocol.
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Expertise in distributed architecture, based on Microsoft technologies (2007/08)
Goal : to increase the satisfaction rate of Microsoft EMEA clients, coaching and mentoring the support engineers, specialists in distributed architecture.
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Consultancy to businesses, as senior Microsoft Consultant for major accounts and ISVs (2001/06)
Goal : as a leading adviser, to audit software solutions for projects using Microsoft technologies, within a "Premier Customer" support framework, focused
on user autonomy.
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Memory performance audit of the Monter Carlo package, dedicated to counterpart risk calculation (2007)
Goal : to determine the causes of poor system performance and implement improvements, in particular the reduction of application memory footprint.
Advice as expert consultant in Microsoft technologies (2001/06)
Goal : to support Alcatel in the implementation and development of the "Business Partner" B2B system, the Group's premier turnover e-commerce site, training Microsoft technology teams.
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Development of simulator for equipment embedded in medical scanners (1997/98)
Goal : to enable firmware validation of the various medical components embedded in the scanners, with a view to reducing delays and development cost.
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