Consultancy ARFNLabs, information system consultancy
Our know-how: GUIDANCE
As the first step in any project, ARFNLabs listens to you. Rather than undue haste, we believe in taking the time needed to formulate the problem and to think it through before making a decision. As strategists, we carry out a comprehensive and focussed reading of your IS project, in order to understand all the issues, all the subtleties.
Duty of consultancy, focused on the client solution
Honed by 15 years' experience of customer relations in the sensitive phase of audit and analysis, our approach is strong, unique and unswervingly oriented towards the search for your solution. This is a continually renewed exercise, which inventively meets each new technological, human and organisational challenge.
A tailor-made global and strategic vision
At the cutting edge, we address each new project looking at it afresh and in its entirety, with a grasp of the spectrum of possible solutions. A top-flight consultancy, we insist upon the tailor-made quality of each of our recommendations, within a comprehensive view of the organisation's strategy.
Cycle of intervention and implementation
From the conception of the software architecture, to the perfecting and reinforcement of a solution already in place, our analysis interprets the essentials
of your proposal and the outcome you desire for it.
Expertise ARFNLabs, information system expertise
Our know-how: ESTABLISHING
ARFNLabs dedicates to you a skilled know-how, enriched by the experience in the field on which our reputation is built. Our professional identity
is strengthened with each project, consolidated by our continuous technological monitoring.
Travelling the same road, sharing our independence
Challenged by our clients, we know how to perform and respond to the known and unknown aspects of extensive projects. We inject our added value
as independants, which gives us perspective and impartiality, while assuring and respecting your operations.
Co-Management and responsible partnership
Our technical and strategic investment gives us the power to articulate an acute and reasoned awareness of your challenges, while entering into a trusting relationship with you through which we become partners.
Cycle of intervention and performance
We intervene as experts in issues concerning websites, information system security, system improvement, software architecture... for major accounts, small organisations, in the fields of energy, finance, services, industry, defence, medicine etc.
Implementation ARFNLabs, information system implementation
Our know-how - PROBLEM-SOLVING
ARFNLabs conceives and implements the complex solutions that you need. Free of routine development constraints, and assuring you our unstinting counsel and recommendations, we work with you, taking joint ownership of the software project.
Planning and crisis management
Focused on the concrete realisation and future use of the projects, we are committed to anticipating, monitoring and extending all the design stages, providing care and support with all that ensues from the choices made during the course of the project.
Precise implementation, fitted to the original context
Experts in auditing application code, we review a previous set-up to derive from it the most suitable, stable and evolutive solution, which you demand for the ongoing functioning of your organisation.
ARFNLabs... active complementarity
Directly succeeding our talent for consultancy, and our expertise in IS projects, implementation is the key stage in which we follow up, alongside you,
the flowering of your idea. We are motivated by the search for your solution, while our values underpin our sense of service, rendered with a high level
of communication: confidencetransparencyfeedback.